Just what the world needs, another record geek bragging about his record collection.  I don't actually think my collection is all that awesome, by record geek standards anyway.  I'm not obsessed with rarity or original pressings or mono vs. stereo or any of that record collector type stuff and I won't spend a lot of money on a record just because it is a collector's item.  I'm not that kind of collector, I just like records.  I'm not adverse to re-issues or even CDs when original vinyl copies are too expensive.  However for the purpose of this blog, I will only be writing about vinyl which is the format I love best.
I know a lot of music blogs offer song downloads or at least stream some music, but I'm uncomfortable with that.  I despise music piracy and I don't like MP3s aside from their convenience.  Most of the records I write about are easily found in some format if you really want to hear them.  Anyway I'm not going to steal from the artists I admire.
My goal in this blog is to randomly go through my collection and offer up my humble critiques of vinyl albums to the benign indifference of the internets.  I don't have any special qualification for this, I'm just a hobbyist looking for some distraction from my otherwise mundane existence.  If you find some use in this, great, if not, well what do you expect, it is just a stupid blog!