Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cucumber Castle - The Bee Gees

Cucumber Castle
The Bee Gees
Atco SD 33-327

Reduced to a duo with the departure of brother Robin for his ill-fated solo career, Maurice and Barry Gibb don't seem to have missed him too much.  This album is loaded with the whiny, sappy ballads that made the Bee Gees so successful, most of which would fit quite nicely on "Odessa" or "Trafalgar".  "Then You Left Me" ranks among the most maudlin songs that they ever produced.  There are a few unusual songs however, most notably the country influence on such songs as "Don't Forget to Remember", "Bury Me Down by the River" and "The Lord".  The first two are interesting, sappy as ever but at least they depart from the usual formula, but "The Lord" is so awful, I wondered if it was a joke.  These guys aren't known for their sense of humor though so I assume it was meant seriously.  In either case it sucks.  Then there is "I. O. I. O" which might be compared to groups like Mungo Jerry or Marmalade, a quasi-world music sound that is mildly fun.  I've never seen the television special that generated five of the songs on the album and since they are mostly the worst ones I'm pretty sure I never want to.  If you are a fan of the pre-disco Bee Gees, you will probably find stuff to like on this album.  Recommended for people who think "Odessa" was too short.

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