Monday, January 24, 2011

The Blue Things - The Blue Things

The Blue Things
The Blue Things
RCA LSP-3603

This is a re-issue pressed on blue vinyl which is pretty cool if you are into that sort of thing.  I learned about this record in Richie Unterberger's book on folk rock and I'm grateful to him for that because this is a wonderful record.  I sometimes see it referred to as "Listen & See!" but I'm listing it the way it is listed on the record.  The spine, cover and inner label all list the title as "The Blue Things" - "Listen & See!" only appears as the title of the liner notes.  This is one of the best folk-rock records I've ever heard, right up there with the early albums of the Byrds or the first Love album.  There is not a bad song on the record.  "Doll House" is an extraordinary song about a prostitute, way ahead of its time.  "The Man on the Street" is another memorable socially conscious song with a strong melody.  "I Must Be Doing Something Wrong" has a nice Beau Brummels type sound and clever lyrics. "High Time" is reminiscent of the Beatles' "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away".  They do a nice rocking version of Dylan's "Girl of the North Country" and one of the best covers of "Ain't That Lovin' You Baby" that I've ever heard.  I really like their driving version of Dale Hawkins' "La Do Da Da" as well.  If you have any interest in folk-rock or even just mid-sixties music in general you should check this record out.  You won't be sorry.  This album is smart, tasteful and has a terrific sound.  It really is one of the great lost records of the era.  Recommended to Byrds fans who think the band went into decline when Gene Clark left.

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